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The details of our CoAP product


Constructed to present data from arbitrary Dallas 1-Wire devices.
Automatically scans bus and determines supported devices.
Configuration file to allow mapping of devices found in

/sys/bus/w1/devices human readable URLs. For example: 28-00000482b243 can be mapped to Temp.


Most recent version of gateway app

Our product runs on many android devices as old as 1.5. It translates CoAP requests and responses from optimized SMS messages as defined in IETF draft: Miscellaneous additions to CoAP,


Most recent version of the application

Our simple application runs on an Android. The user defines the URL to request. Requests are sent via an optimized SMS message and sent to the Datometer-CoAP-Gateway which forwards the message to the Datometer-CoAP-Server. The software runs on almost all android devices and does not require 2.1 or greater.


Download the assembly and bill of materials.

Download instructions on how to get source code.

Download instructions to set up the Raspberry Pi SD card.

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