25 Pin Connector Pin Descriptions

Uses of the OmniDAC500
Baby monitor
Intrusion Monitor
Water level monitor
Traffic monitor
Refrigerator Open Monitor
Meat Thermometer
Fishing Line Tension
Heart Rate
Wheel Spin
Blood Oxygen
Breathing Rate
Automotive Engine Heat
Elevation Tracking
Vehicle Speed
Soil Fertilizer
Oven Temperature
Engine Tachometer
Testing evaporation rates
Battery monitor
Silage moisture levels
Light bulb intensity
Mechanical Life Cycling
Windmill rotation logger
Biking distance monitor
Controlling machine operation
Water clarity
Sound wave generator
Logic Circuit Testing
Event Loggers
Daily temperature swing
Wet Diaper Monitor
Snoring Monitor
Drum Set Control
Light Display Control
Weather Station Recording
Water Depth
Water Flow
Water pH
Water conductivity
Soil Moisture Level
Gas Pressure
Offshore Buoys
Process Monitoring
Wildlife Research
Vibration and Handling Shock
Tank Level Deformation Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Vehicle Testing
Motor Racing
Railway Signaling
Veterinary Vital Signs
Digital Electronic Operations
Robot Control
Relay Control

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